Pre-transport gas treatment unit

Pre-transport gas treatment unit UPGT-2 for Krasnodar Compressor Station (Gazprom)

  • Project customer: OJSC Gazprom
  • General supplier: OJSC United Heavy Machinery Plants (Uralmash-Izhora Group)
  • General design engineer and designer supervision: OJSC Giprokislorod
  • FEED developer: Siirtec Nigi (Italy)
  • Manufacturer of the primary process equipment: OJSC Uralhimmash (Uralmash-Izhora Group)
  • Manufacturer of auxiliary equipment: OJSC Cryogenmash (Uralmash-Izhora Group)
  • Single-source supplier of fittings: Research and Production Company CKBA (Uralmash-Izhora Group)

Turn-key work completed by OMZ:

  • Design
  • Packaged supply of equipment
  • Installation supervision

Project implementation period: 14 months and 23 days, start of implementation – October 24, 2012

Unit capacity: 25 billion cubic meters per year

Supply volume:

  • Vessels operating under pressure: 32
  • Valve units: 28
  • Shut-off and control valves: 1,567
  • Shaped components: more than 2,645
  • Total weight of metal structures: 825 tons
  • Overall length of tubing: more than 23 km
  • Overall length of cabling: more than 237 km
  • Packaged/modular delivery: pre-transport gas treatment unit, process equipment management system, security checkpoint, compressor station and nitrogen station, electric room

The pre-transport gas treatment unit is intended for extracting heavy hydrocarbons and water vapors from natural gas in order to prevent the possibility of hydrate formation and hydrocarbon condensate precipitation in the gas stream while it is being transported along the off-shore section of the Blue Stream gas pipeline.

Owing to its accumulated experience, modernization of its production capacities and technologies, and its innovative developments, United Heavy Machinery Plants is moving up in key markets, including in the production of high-tech and highly competitive products, comprehensive solutions, and EPC contracting.

OMZ has manufactured and provided packaged delivery of equipment with the following process units:

  • Slug catcher
  • Inlet and outlet filtration unit
  • Silica gel adsorption unit
  • Regeneration unit within the regeneration gas air cooling unit, regeneration gas separator and regeneration gas heater
  • Condensate stabilizer unit with stable condensate storage tank
  • Stationary high-temperature waste neutralization unit (SU-TO) with liquid waste intake and accumulation unit
  • Nitrogen supply unit
  • Fuel gas unit
  • Adsorber silica gel charging/discharging unit, and others

United Heavy Machinery Plants is one of the few Russian heavy machine-building companies that provides engineering, comprehensive solutions and servicing for a wide range of domestic industries, including nuclear power, petrochemistry, metallurgy, and others.