Summary of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of OMZ OJSC of  January 18, 2008

OMZ holds an Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting.

OMZ (Uralmash-Izhora Group) (OMZ) held an extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting (EGM) on 18 January 2008.

The EGM terminated early the powers of the Board of Directors and elected the following members to the new Board of Directors:

1. Dmitry Bakatin - Consultant, Moscow Representative Office, Sputnik Investment Ltd.

2. Evgeny Borisov - Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board,  OJSC Gazprombank

3. Valery Chernyshev - CEO,  OJSC  OMZ (Uralmash-Izhora Group)

4. Sergey Grischenko - Executive Director, Corporate Finance Department, OJSC Gazprombank

5. Farid Kantzerov - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board,  OJSC Gazprombank

6. Alexey Matveev - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, OJSC Gazprombank

7. Seppo Remes - Senior Advisor and member of the Board,  CJSC FIM Investment Bank, Russia

8. Sergey Skaterschikov – Vice-president for strategy and development,  OJSC  MTS

9. Vladimir Yurkov - General Director,  CJSC Forpost-Management

In addition the EGM approved changes to the following founding and internal documents:

a) the Company Charter;

b) the Bylaw on the Management Board of OMZ;

c) the Bylaw on the Board of Directors of OMZ;

d) the Bylaw on the Revision Commission of OMZ;

The changes to the Charter and the Bylaws were introduced to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Russian Federal Service on Financial Markets and the Russian Law on Joint Stock Companies.

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